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We challenge you to put your cleaner under the microscope to see how much deeper you should be cleaning 
Yellobean is dedicated to finding products that are in alignment with our core values, one of which is protecting our Earth and all sentient beings by using sustainable and non-toxic products.

Traditional cleaners use harsh chemicals to remove germs, and even most ‘natural’ cleaning products use chemical surfactants as the primary cleaning agent. Many of those surfactants can be toxic to people and pets. 

Recently we discovered active probiotic cleaning products. A cutting-edge science using a fermentation process, to biodegrade dirt and grime for a deeper, long-lasting clean like you’ve never seen. "Good" bacteria crowding out the "bad" bacteria, similar to how Kombucha works to balance the bacteria in your gut - creating a healthy biome in your home. It stays working on the surface up to five days from when you use it.  

We purchase our probiotic cleaner from a company in Vancouver and have bottles to sell here on the Coast. It is cost effective and efficient. A winning combination.
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