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what's your environment dying to tell you?

Throughout our daily lives we’re exposed to chemicals in our cleaning products in quite intimate ways. We wash our sheets with them, clean our counters, put them on our skin. … And you obviously want to know if any of these chemicals are immediately, acutely dangerous. But a lot of people use the same product day after day for weeks and you may not know the accumulative effects of the products. … That’s a lot to think about when you’re just trying to go about your daily routine.” Maggie MacDonald, Toxic Program Manager for Environmental Defence

It's really important for us to stay aligned with our mission to provide verified high-quality, natural and eco-friendly products that clean well and protect living beings and our Mother Earth from harmful and toxic chemicals. The overuse of cleaners, disinfectants and antibiotics has led to habituation in pathogenic bacteria that have begun to develop resistance to different chemical agents. Therefore they disturb the microbial balance and create an unhealthy environment for the inhabitants.

As professional cleaners, we are always keeping abreast of industry updates, especially around the use of cleaning products. Following our mission we are constantly researching and looking to upgrade and improve on our current non-toxic cleaners. So we are super excited to introduce you to our next level cleaning product - Probiotic Cleaners.

Probiotics, according to the WHO, are living microorganisms that when ingested in sufficient quantity, have positive effects on health. The products we are using have one hundred percent ecological ingredients, effectively cleaning thoroughly while optimising the biological balance, which has the effect of reducing the risk of bacterial diseases.

We are happy to say they:

  • Thoroughly clean microscopically

  • Remove biofilms

  • Eliminate unpleasant odours

  • Provide a long-term fresh scent

  • Optimise local microflora

  • Are Eco-friendly

  • Not harmful or irritating during use

  • Economic use

  • They can be used for : - Residential, Commerical, Hospitals effectively reducing the risk of bacterial diseases on all surfaces

We are super excited to be bringing them to you, knowing that their application will be safe but still providing a level of professional clean you have come to expect from us.


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