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the best way to save our planet

One of the design principles of a circular economy is that biological and technical materials should be easily separated. However, in the current model for cleaning products, and elsewhere in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, they are supplied and treated as one - Splosh

recycling diagram
7Rs of Recycling

Hand on heart, I have been part of the recycling community or as its now referred to - circular economy for about 20 years or more.

There was a catalyst for me and it started when I used to visit Mexico back in the day and lived there over the winter months. I would get around on a motorbike and I saw a lot of poverty but I noticed how resourceful people were with rubbish by reusing it. Creating from rubbish; I got inspired.

Fast forward. I moved to Canada with my Canadian husband 5 years ago and every house we have lived in has been furnished and fitted out trying to use the 7Rs of the Circular Economy. I can honestly say, it they never looked shabby. I studied interior design back in Australia, so I have to admit that it’s easier for me to visualize how things may look. However being a little discerning with your choices, can make for an appealing interior decor. I also ran an upcycling business in Spain. Although not the most profitable business I’ve started, it nonetheless sparked my creative flow, which continues to this day.

With Yellobean. my cleaning business, I use only washable cloths, concentrated nontoxic cleaners and I am working toward glass spray bottles but in fairness, I have been using the same plastic ones I brought when I first started this business about 3 years ago. Of course you can argue that the concentrated cleaner comes in plastic and using water every day to wash cloths is impacting the environment to. But the truth of the matter is there is lots more to do, we can only do our best - one firm step at a time.

We have created such a mess with our waste and our consumerist behaviour, with no thanks to marketing and manufacturers that it will all take time to steer away from this collective behaviour. But you, me, him and her it all adds up to people doing something and that is a valuable and positive step toward cleaning up.

Big hug to all

Eva-Marie and the Yellobean Team


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