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decluttered living -the basic essentials

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Peaceful and Calm. A State of Being We All Want To Maintain

As a professional cleaner I am seeing a whirlwind movement of people cleaning up and moving out all that no longer serves them. A crazy (or not so crazy) neet to get rid of things that take up space. But it begs some questions like why now, for what reason(s) and how does it make your life better to declutter? Well lets take a sideward step for some perspective on this new trend we are seeing.

I grew up in Australia, the average size of homes some twenty plus years ago were around 1500 square feet with a more than substantial back and front yard for the kids to play in and more than enough lawn to mow. Scoot forward to present day and we have less land, sud-divided into smaller lots but with the average size of homes now starting around 2200 plus square feet. People are working more, kids and adults seem to have way more activities and life feels a lot more challenging for many. We have developed what the French call an Idée Fixe or fixation in English for things that we seem to hold onto with such ferocity - trinkets, collectibles, memories, furnishings. Draws, cupboards, garages, lockups, all holding our things.

Removing Clutter Cleanses Stagnant Energy

The weight of these possessions has created a need in people to let go, so they can feel lighter, more peaceful and not heavy with the stuff that surrounds them. It has spawned countless blogs, such as this. Books are being written about the subject and Netflix is now airing Marie Kondo in her own show on decluttering your home. Kondo is the author of four books that have been released worldwide.

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Consistency With Organisation Is Key

The concept of being organised and not accumulating 'stuff' has been around for a long time but in this present moment, it seems to have gathered momentum by the collective. In Sweden a woman by the name of Margareta Magnusson has written a book called The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning. The Chinese concept of Feng Shui , says the negative energy that accumulates with clutter should be shifted to ensure positive flow of energy in your home.

Mess inhibits our ability to go forward. Tackle a specific form of clutter each month for a year to make a huge improvement to the positive energy in your home. Personalise each month's task so it aligns with you. Ideas for regular monthly tasks include:

> Give away to friends or drop off at charity your old clothes

> Clear out your kitchen cabinets

> Spring clean your home office

> Establish a system to take care of mail

> Sort through, throw out some and save some school papers

> Handle your electronic clutter by removing email in boxes and setting up smart directories

> Finally empty that gunk drawer. Toss most of the junk and add a tray to organise the things you want to keep

> Give attention to trash. Walk through your rooms with a trash bag in hand, focusing on corners which may have become invisible over time

Breakfast tray on the lap of person sitting on bed. It has vase of yellow daisies, dry crackers, boiled egg, apple and cup of tea
Reward Yourself. You Deserve It

You may not be aware of it but walking into a room creates a reaction in you. You may feel tense or sad, or happy and joyful. Clearing out and making room for new energy to flow iis a process. It takes continuous work and at times, depending on what is being cleared can bring up a great deal of emotion for you to clear as well. So sit back and reward yourself. Well done you. The hardest part is over. But by undertaking the task you have set up a habit. Keep it up. The feeling of peace and harmony is well worth the effort.

Big hug till next time

Eva-Marie and the Yellobean Team


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