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conscious cleaning

Some encounters plant seeds that take root over time, while others change the course of one’s life in a single moment

Cleaning is normally the last thing that people want to do. Wiping grubby fingerprints off countertops, picking up clothing off the floor, moping muddy paw prints traipsed through by the dog. All chores taking up your time for more enjoyable activities, right? But have you ever considered that within those moments you may truly find yourself?

There is a Japanese word Ichi-go ichi-e, which speaks to the idea that no one encounter can ever be recreated: each moment and each convergence of time, space, light, mood, thought, and circumstance is singular and unrepeatable. As such, every encounter should be met with one’s full, attuned senses. Some encounters plant seeds that take root over time, while others change the course of one’s life in a single moment.

Now let that sink in. I did.

When I first moved to Canada I started this cleaning business because it was an easy way for me to make money. Truth be known, I battled for some time with my ego when it came to certain aspects of cleaning. Gradually I have come to honour the role that I have in people's lives and in their homes because I am entrusted, with codes and keys and all the daily living that happens within their homes.

The silent code of conduct that I have come to respect has been taught to me by the process of cleaning. By being truly present and bringing my whole focus ~ body and mind ~ to each task, I have been gifted many authentic moments. Moments that have taught me grace and humility. Being present enables me to transmute the monkey chatter ego and awakens me to what it means to be a conscious cleaner.

I feel a great sense of gratitude for what being a cleaning has given and continues to give to me. Understanding that each moment is singular and never to be repeated gives me a sense of integrity to myself. I can honestly say that through this business I have evolved in ways I never would have imagined. By being full present I have awakened to possibilities.

So I say to you, whatever task you feel to have to undertake, make sure you are fully present when you do it. You never know the gifts you may be given.

Bountiful days to you Eva-Marie

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