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We've all got clutter. It might be at home or at work, in your car or in your handbag - either way it's there and you've probably been meaning to sort it out for some time now. Your reasons for decluttering could vary - you might feel more comfortable entertaining if your home was more organised, need more space for a new project, or maybe you're sure that an important document is in the trunk of your car but you just can't seem to find it. 
When you're working to declutter your home and simplify your life, it's important to tackle both the visible clutter you see every day, as well as the clutter that's hidden from sight. Even if you can't see it, it's still there negatively affecting your life. 

So where is all this stuff coming from? Often it comes from the places where your clutter hides. You don't see it every day, like cleaning the clutter away from the kitchen counter that might have accumulated and when you don't see it - well it's not at the top of your decluttering priority list. But if you are ready to thoroughly declutter your home and simplify your life, you need to tackle the hidden clutter too. Even if you organise the clutter, it's still clutter! So if you aren't using it or don't love it, get rid of it and simplify your life. 

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